Jul 31

Police Close-In On Suspect in Disappearance of Nursing Student Michelle Le

Police in Hayward, California are indicating that an arrest may soon be made in the case of missing nursing student Michelle Le.  Authorities had already stated that they believe the 26-year old woman  was murdered and now it appears they will move forward against a suspect, even though the woman’s body has not been recovered.

Evidence from Le’s car, video surveillance and her cell phone records led police to rule the case a homicide.  Le was last seen on May 27 leaving Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center. Hayward is about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

Lt. R. Keener, Criminal Investigations Bureau Manager for the Hayward Police Department , says, “Through the continued investigation, the analysis of evidence and through interviews, I believe we will know the identity of the person/persons responsible for Michelle’s disappearance sometime in the not too distant future.

A rally was held Wednesday — the two month mark of her disappearance — and a 100-thousand dollar reward is being offered.


  1. pddl

    Very encouraging news for the victim and her family. I’m looking forward to the day Tony has a similar headline for LS. It’ll happen.

  2. Cheryl

    Amazing work on behalf of the investigators involved. Hopefully they will be able to find Michelle le.

  3. bryan holloway

    Search to start soon for Lauren in landfill. thought you would want to know.

    B. Holloway

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