Jun 16

New Witness Tells Of Lauren Spierer Mystery Encounter With Unknown Man

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana – According to a key witness, Lauren Spierer had an encounter with a mysterious man before she went missing, has learned. has spoken to the witness who says she saw an extremely inebriated Lauren Spierer with the man at 3:38 a.m on Friday, June 3 at the corner of  10th St. and College Ave. in downtown Bloomington.  At one point the man slung Lauren over his shoulder.

Police have not acknowledged the incident.

According to the witness, who works as a manager at a local bar, Lauren Speirer  was incoherent, her eyes nearly closed and at one point she fell and banged her head.

The witness describes the mystery man as dark-skinned, about 5 feet, nine inches, 160 pounds, defined facial bone-structure and pointed, thin, rounded sideburns.  She says he was wearing a polo-style shirt.

The witness has been interviewed by the Bloomington police department and was called-back for a second meeting in which a police artist drew-up a sketch.

The witness was shown a photo lineup and she says none of the six or so photos, presumably Spierer’s friends who have been named persons of interest, matched the mystery man.

The witness has viewed a  photo of Corey Rossman, the Indiana University student who was with Spierer at Kilroy’s Sports Bar and at both their apartments that night, and she says she does not believe Rossman is the man who she saw with Spierer that night.

“She was completely out of it,” the witness told, “I had just come off work so I was totally sober. The guy was like, can I take you home, and she couldn’t even answer.”

The timing of the witness’s spotting is crucial.  She says she noted the exact time, for some reason, after she encountered Lauren.  She is adamant that it was exactly 3:38am. Bloomington police today released a timeline that places Lauren in an alley between 10th and 11th streets at 2:51 a.m.  with a man who they will not identify.  They say that is the last corroboration that they have of Lauren’s whereabouts.


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  1. Lovejac

    Interesting article. But, I’m wondering how that might fit into the timeline of the still photos of the truck. Also, what about JR claiming he watched her walk away from his and Corey’s apartment around 4:30 am

    I can’t wait to hear more.

    1. Chris DjTrucci

      2:22 minutes into this video the white truck in the street looks exactly like the one they have the pic of evidence from the survalince

  2. allie

    i hope they release this sketch tomorrow before it gets too be too late in the day. if this is indeed the case- a reliable sketch could be exactly what’s needed to fill in the missing pieces. I wonder if any of the boys who saw her last are connected to this guy. I’ve never believed Rosenbaum saw her walk away- why would she walk a different way home than she came, she knows the area really well.

    1. Clueful

      She went the same way. Nothing puts her College.

  3. Bloomington

    A man slinging an inebriated woman over his shoulder, “can I take you home” and she couldn’t even answer?

    This witness should have called the police right then and there.

    1. Clueful

      It’s possible he did. They’re unarguably suppressing 9-12 surveillance videos and will never “find” who drove that truck, since it takes 10 seconds with OnStar.

  4. Suspicious

    Why is this not reported by any major news organization, and where was this witness for the last 2 weeks

    1. also suspicious

      i completely agree. this does not look correct. it doesn’t add up to rosenbaums statement to police that he watched her walk home at 430am. why would someone wait 14 days to come forward? lauren was with her friends. this seems extremely inaccurate. if someone is making this up shame on them for putting laurens family through additional trauma. i think those boys know more than they are telling, especially with all the coke rumors. #findlauren

  5. Suspicious

    Where was ths witness for last 2 weeks, and why is this not being reported by any major news organization at this time.

  6. Myna

    This witness didn’t offer to help or call a cab for an “incoherent” young woman who fell and hit her head? wtf

  7. thegoods

    The witness described the gentleman as “dark-skinned”, but I imagine she gave a better description than that. Was he dark-skinned Caucasian, as in Mediterranean? Some French people have dark skin. Italians can have dark skin. Maybe he was a white guy who tanned too much. We don’t know anything from the description. Skip the pretense and policial correctness, and just describe him as he is.

  8. lindsay

    has the police checked the mugshots of any suspects booked that night or previously booked who were released that night in the Monroe County jail that is located 3 blocks from Lauren’s apartment? The cops should have this new witness compare who she saw with all the mugshots they have from perps booked that week and released.

    objectively it would appear that the boys she was with that night should be the prime suspects but i think its becoming clear that her interactions with the boys and the fight that occurred between them was a coincidence. the connection is that the fight with her boyfriend induced her to drink more and do more drugs as some type of revenge against him.

    i really hope the cops are checking every perp that went in and out of that jail. college campuses like bloomington attract transients during the summer and its possible that such a person was arrested by the police for something that they could not hold him on – unknowing that this person may have had some more serious criminal propensity and now the person has left the area.

    in the summer of 2007 a girl disappeared during the summer in madison, wisconsin from UW-Madison after a night of drinking. her body was found but no one has ever been arrested. perhaps there is some connection – madison and bloomington are close to each other. i hope the cops are also comparing the facts here with any other disappearances at other college campuses during summer school.

    1. IU Grad

      This is the first I’ve heard of a fight between Lauren and her boyfriend. Lauren went to her apartment after leaving the bar with Rossman. It was there that Rossman got into an altercation with some male residents at the apartment building. One of the residents punched Rossman in the face. He and Lauren then left together and went to Rossman’s apartment building. That’s when details start getting a bit hazy.

      And, no, Bloomington, IN is not anywhere near Madison, WI so I seriously doubt that the two cases are related. Young college students just tend to be a very vulnerable group of people, especially when they drink and take drugs.

      1. Lynn

        The fight Rossman had was with friends of Jared, Lauren’s boyfriend.

      2. Skeptical

        Lynn, get your facts straight. Her boyfriend’s name is Jesse, not Jared.

      3. Myna

        Jesse Wolff (BF) changed his name to Jesse Jared on FB.

    2. joy kinney

      UW-Madison is in Wisconsin….not Indiana.

  9. Ryan

    “perhaps there is some connection – madison and bloomington are close to each other.”

    they are not close to each other at all. about 8 hours away.


      plus the Wisconsin girl was not a student at UW-Madison

  10. Dan

    Has a legit news source reported this or is this just some dudes blog looking for hits?

    1. Clueful

      Tony Gatto is the only news source I’ve found on this where you can’t click refresh and get a brand new story every hour or so. He’s more credible than they are, for sure. If he’s wrong about something, he corrects it publicly, while everyone else throws it down the memory hole like it never happened. Because he’s a legitimate journalist. HT & IDS have someone at BPD feeding them stories & telling them what to change. Gatto objectively reports based on fact.

    2. Emily

      Dan – no “legit” news source has confirmed the content of this post. If they eventually do confirm (who knows if they will), I’ll be interested to see how the timeline contained in this story matches or does not match the timeline provided by Lauren’s friends.

      We are all praying for her return.

  11. Tony Gatto

    I’ll let my 25 years at CBS and ABC News and various awards — Peabody, Columbia DuPont, Edward R. Murrow — speak for themselves. I guess the legitimate press are all those people who take the spoon-fed info cops give out and never unearth anything themselves.

    1. Netty Daniel

      I concur! When I worked the Michael Jackson case for the D.A. and SBSO; I saw first hand the contrast between what was going on behind the scenes and what was being reported. I guess the questions at the top of my list are: 1) Why this police department did not release a photo of her, properly identifying her clothing, for almost two weeks. Numerous media reports stated black pants, a white tank top and jacket. 2) Why would she be watching a ball game at another guy’s apartment when her boyfriend is watching it at home…and on a Friday night? 3) I can not imagine that his friends (who apparently confronted Corrie Rossman), did so without communicating this this back to their buddy. This occurred so soon prior to her disappearance that it just leaves one to speculation.

      1. Clueful

        And why are her clothes different than they are in missing person’s report? It was a tank top and a button-down shirt, stretchpants the same, though.

        Crystal Grubb was found naked & now they’re finding clothes at Smallwood. Too weird.

      2. Roberta

        It was not a Friday night; it was a Thursday night (early Friday morning).

    2. Sprag

      Weird then, that ‘gatto’ doesn’t come up on the peabody awards list, nor does anything journalistic show up with a google search via ‘tony gatto’ — unless juggling is now a journalistic pursuit.

      Internet alias? Sure, we all have them, but if you’re playing the “I’m a highly respected journalist” card, you should probably be able to back that up.

      1. Netty Daniel

        Hey Sprag, you need to hone up on your Google skills. =)

      2. Sprag

        replying to myself since I can’t seem to reply to netty daniel:

        Sure, that comes up if you do a search for ‘tony gatto’ but doing a “normal” search for ‘tony gatto’ or ‘tony gatto peabody’ are pretty off target.

        Again, I’m not dissing…

      3. Netty Daniel

        Okay Sprag, here are two more. =) It can really be as simple as looking through an SRDS directory for radio and television contacts. However, that may cost you a pretty penny. We have two 3 inch directories that I don’t have much ambition to peruse because, personally…I chose to read his stuff and accept him at his word regarding his accomplishments. My husband and I have been in radio/television advertising for over 25 years. These are two other links located online. Just a thought; Why would this man implicate himself through false representations with major stations at the risk of litigation? I think we all can chose to be here or move on to other websites.

    3. Skeptical

      I have been reading this blog ever since I found a link (can’t even remember where it was…probably in the comments section of one of the H-T or IDS stories). I would like to believe that you are a credible journalist given the fact you seem to have traveled to Bloomington specifically to cover this story, and you always seem to have a scoop that no other news organization has. My problem is that you don’t post ANYWHERE on your site who you are, your credentials, etc…basically I think you need a section that tells who you are and why people should trust your information. Also, Google searches for your name and the word “journalist” don’t turn up anything to make people think that you are who you say you are. On top of that, your LinkedIn profile makes no mention whatsoever of the news organizations you claim to have had affiliations with, nor does it mention the awards you say you won. Why are you being so secret about who you are if you are, in fact, such a credible and accomplished journalist???

    4. Nancy Drew Too

      Thanks for writing that! Actual reporting is long dead. Congrats on doing so.

    5. Drue Myers

      Kudos Tony. I have been a reporter for more than 30 years and the coverage of this ‘story’ is miserable! These news outlets are nothing more than mouthpieces for law enforcement and doing NOTHING to cover this story!

    6. IU Mom

      Thank you for reporting on this very disturbing story and keeping it in the news! Please continue to do so!! We need honest people in the press now more than ever and you are greatly appreciated for your exceptional reporting skills!! God Speed To You Always!!

  12. testing2

    Keep up the good work, Tony.

  13. Callie Anderson

    Gannett and NY Post have also printed some things that cops did not report, from friends and witnesses. I hope this gets picked up on, it’s important information. Good work.

  14. Clueful

    If that manager worked at Sports, she knows a lot more & is scared of Excise. Excise blatantly violated the 4th (or necessarily mugged Lauren). Regardless, the manager at Sports knows about the purse & all the planted evidence, but not her de facto exoneration for the bs citation Excise gave over a pair of shoes.

    Excise is economic terrorism by virtue of its existence. Someone tell her she can make them avoid that block forever & void all citations if she comes forward about the purse. The cops are so appallingly corrupt around there it’s disgusting.

    1. Bully J. Pulpit

      You are crazy.
      As a bartender I can say women leave their shoes and cell-phones at the bar all the time. Kilroy’s is always packed with people, which makes it pretty impossible to tell who people are with or what other drugs they’re on, and the staff is stuck dealing with crowd control and frat-boys getting in fights.
      What on earth makes you think the BPD is corrupt ?
      This isn’t Chicago, it’s Bloomington, the police here are honest hard-working people. While you can definitely point to political pressure as the cause for them spending so much time money and resources on one rich white girl from New York, that doesn’t make them corrupt.
      And excise as economic terrorists…really ? You are absurd.
      If excise were actually doing their job right, she would never have gotten through the door with a fake I.D.

      1. Clueful

        Have you ever heard of Excise citing anyone for the stuff people leave behind? It cannot be done. I know those cops. They just offed my homeless friend.

    2. FRH

      There are many bars downtown. The Atlas Bar is basically across the street from Smallwood. (Maybe 9th st?) So you are assuming a lot Clueless, if you think she must have worked at Sports. WTF are you talking about? You think the manager or Excise dumped her purse in the alley behind Smallwood without being seen or named as a POI? Because I can barely make out what you mean, through all of your bs. As far as Excise, Kilroys Sports deserves every ticket they get!

      1. WY

        The Atlas is just south of 3rd St., which is about five blocks south of Smallwood. You must be thinking of another bar.

      2. WY

        Sorry, I meant to say that the Atlas is just south of 4th St., but the basic point is the same. There are no bars directly across from Smallwood on College St. in any case.

      3. FRH

        What is the bar next to the big BigRed Liquors right there?

      4. FRH

        Oh yeah its Bloomington Playwrights Project now. It used to be a bar.

      5. IU grad '09

        Jake’s Nightclub is similar large bar and is just a block up from Sports. It also backs up to the same alleyway, in between Sports and Big Red. You can definately see the path anyone would take back to Smallwood on College ave from across the big red parking lot. That was my first hunch as to where this bartender/witness may have been working.

  15. Alliecog

    You mentioned this witness will be speaking with a sketch artist- any information n when the sketch will be done?

  16. Clueful

    If this was when she was leaving Rosenbaum’s he would have seen something. You can see down the alley at least part way, but almost certainly not down to 10th St. from his place, at least on Google Streetview. I also think, given the location of the pouch on the railing, that she was to the west of the building between 11th & 10th, not in the alley, which matters not if she made it to 10th St.

    I think she was abducted from between 10th & 9th, simply because Rosenbaum would have seen something a block north, but it’s plausible between 11th and 10th, too. I accidentally worked out that scenario, thinking it was a block north. Those alleys are all driveable but streets & buildings are obviously mislabeled.

    That they have video evidence and are suppressing it is not disputable. There is no actual proof she ever went south on College, but lots of reasons to think otherwise. God bless that Amin kid for finding that pouch.

    1. Stigimuluch

      Can you explain why you think the Excise Police are corrupt?

      1. Clueful

        Because they cited them for a pair of underage shoes.

  17. stu

    So which do you think is more likely

    1) this witness is lying or her time is wrong
    2) Rosenbaum’s is lying or his time is wrong

    It is very strange that she hasn’t come forward until now. It would be impossible not to put the two events together. If she remembers two weeks later exactly what time it was… On the other hand, what is the point of making up a story?

    If Rosenbaum is lying it is hard to know why. What is the difference between her leaving at 3:30 or 4:30 from his point of view? In either case he would be the last person who saw her so…

    I think the girl’s story is fishy because it took so long for her to come forward but I can’t make heads or tails of the timing discrepancy

    1. sean

      I don’t think this girl would have any reason to lie about it..

    2. Clueful

      Bar managers can’t afford to cross Excise, especially when they’re corrupt enough to do things like cite you because some chick left her shoes. It’s extortion and she’s turning it around on them, finally.

    3. Skeptical

      We don’t know WHEN the girl came forward. She could’ve come forward to the police the very next day and this is the first we are hearing about it. Don’t assume just because its the first time WE’VE heard about it, it’s also the first time the police heard about it. I’m so sick of reading these comments where people think just because the public just found out about something means it’s the first time the police found out, too. Use your brain.

  18. Netty Daniel Well done, I hope some will pick up on this.

  19. s

    Well maybe JR had to say 4:30am to explain the phone call that was made from his phone to DR at 4:15am. He claimed it was LS calling to check if DR had seen her phone.

    Maybe the phone call had something to do with this incident. That is just speculation, obviously.

    1. stu

      without knowing more details, that seems like a weird lie. He could say it was himself that called and there wouldn’t be anything strange about that. At least we know that the 4:15am call is a firm time, unlike the time stamps and the witness.

      So either he is telling a strange lie, or the witness is. I’m confused.

  20. Nikneh

    I am really more worried about Rossenbaum’s story. The bar tender has a lot to cover up since she is probably under a lot of stress because of excise at work. She may have even lost her job over something like this. But WHY would a random bar tender make anythign up about this case? it wont get her anywhere!

    1. Skeptical

      SHE ISN’T A BARTENDER. Once again, people, get your facts straight. This woman is a MANAGER at a local bar. Nowhere in this article did it say she was a bartender, nor did it say she works at Sports. There are a LOT of bars in that area…she likely doesn’t work at Sports. I was a server at Sports in college and I can tell you for a fact that no managers, bartenders, or servers get out of that place until at least 4:15-4:30 a.m. (sometimes more like 5 a.m.) because of all the procedures that take place after it closes to the public (cleaning, counting tips, random things like slicing lemons and limes for the next night, etc.)

      1. Clueful

        Bar managers are invariably bartenders. They’re just the head bartenders.

      2. Skeptical

        Once again, Clueful, you are wrong. When I worked at a bar, the managers were NOT bartenders. They sat in the back the entire night watching the security cameras and rarely made an appearance in the bar.

      3. Clueful

        Big corporate place, huh?

  21. kat

    according to some of her friends, she was in a fight w/her bf the night she disappeared (to corroborate lindsay’s comments)-which probably fueled her drinking (and possible drug use) that night-which would also explain why she wasn’t home with her bf and out with other guys

    I don’t believe that was released to the media and there is probably a lot that is not being released out of precaution but it IS troubling that there is a central booking jail 3 blocks from her apartment…why is this not mentioned in any of the stories?

    1. IU Grad

      If LS did get into an argument with her boyfriend that night, it would help explain why JW’s friends got into a fight with CR. HT said earlier in an interview that LS was the center of JW’s life and he would never do anything to harm her. But, with new revelations about the case nearly every day, I don’t think we (or police) have the full story yet. Hence, her mother’s plea to Lauren’s friends to come forward with information.

      I think there is something very suspect about the stories given by LS’s friends. First, I can’t understand why CR didn’t go to the ER if the blow to his face was so forceful that it caused him to lose his memory. Why would his roommate send him to bed if there was the possibility he had a concussion. A person with a head injury, especially when exhibiting symptoms of a concussion, should never be encouraged to sleep afterwards.

  22. brendamingee

    If she was so drunk why would her friends let her walk home alone? Where were all her friends then? She didn’t appear to be that drunk in the video walking to her apartment. And I grew up in that area and do not remember an alley anywhere between 10th and 11th street!

    1. FRH

      Really? You have a bad memory then. Do remember how absolutely ghetto that area was before all these luxury apartment buildings went up?

    2. IU Grad

      The video of Lauren shows her when she is LEAVING her apartment for her night out on June 2.

  23. mrlbem

    This may be a bit OT, but can someone clarify why the boyfriend went home so soon after Lauren went missing and hasn’t searched for her? Not that being involved in the search would necessarily exhonorate him, but it just seems strange that he’s not involved.

    1. TheCheeseStreet

      If you’re a person of interest, you aren’t allowed to be part of the search.

  24. TNGirl

    My thoughts exactly mrlbem! But I think they are being told by their lawyers to lay low due to being persons of interest and stay away from media. If they were to go searching for her they would probably be bombarded by media. But you wouldn’t be able to hold me back from looking for my other half.

  25. Amy

    All persons considered persons of interest to the case – Rossman, Rosenbaum, the BF, etc – are not allowed to be involved in the search.

    338am makes sense for the bartender, as the bars close at 3am.

    Check Google Maps – you can see the alley/side street between 10th and 11th.

    Truck – look closely at the photo showing the drivers side – I think it is a flare or step side with body accents. Can we see the vent lines?

    -just my random comments after reading through the post.

    1. Skeptical

      SHE ISN’T A BARTENDER. Once again, people, get your facts straight. This woman is a MANAGER at a local bar. Nowhere in this article did it say she was a bartender, nor did it say she works at Sports. There are a LOT of bars in that area…she likely doesn’t work at Sports. I was a server at Sports in college and I can tell you for a fact that no managers, bartenders, or servers get out of that place until at least 4:15-4:30 a.m. (sometimes more like 5 a.m.) because of all the procedures that take place after it closes to the public (cleaning, counting tips, random things like slicing lemons and limes for the next night, etc.)

      It “closes” at 3 a.m. but they let people stay in there to finish their drinks until 3:30 a.m., then everyone is kicked out. I would suspect the manager works at a bar that closes at 2 a.m. I don’t know all of them off the top of my head but I’m pretty sure Scotty’s, Irish Lion, Crazy Horse, (maybe even Nick’s?) all close at 2 or 2:30. It’s more likely she works at one of those.

  26. Leslie

    If she was incoherent why did the bar let her go home, why didnt they call the police?

    1. Skeptical

      While I don’t know the exact answer to this, my opinion is that the bars in Bloomington see so many drunk college kids in their establishments every single night and have to ‘kick out’ so many drunk kids every night that to them, she was just another drunk patron who didn’t need to drink any more that night, so they just sent her out the door. It’s not the bar’s responsibility to make sure she gets home okay and unless she was putting up a fight or causing a scene, they wouldn’t call the police. Again, I don’t know that this was necessarily the case, but as someone familiar with Bloomington, IU, and the bars, it’s my best guess.

  27. also suspicious

    as a current smallwood resident, i know that jesse, her bf was told to go home by the police. he isnt allowed to search because of the fights with jay and corey, so he obliged.

    jay, corey and mike all have lawyers. why have lawyers if you have nothing to hide. seems pretty suspicious to me. wouldnt be surprised if those druggies had someone pretend to be this “witness” in order to take the attention off of them. smallwood is crawling with rumors about coke use that night at jays. and if she did OD they probably freaked and got rid of hte body, in order to cover their drug ring.

    1. Clueful

      Rohn was probably shuttled out of town, too.

  28. Netty Daniel

    It is my understanding during an investigation that people of “interest” are not aloud to be involved in searches for a few reasons; DNA contamination and issues of evidence being tampered or removed. I would be interested in listening to any voicemails left by the boyfriend while she was out on the town and unattainable. Did he contact the young men she was known to be with before contacting the police?

  29. Netty Daniel

    That would be allowed, not aloud. (sigh)

  30. Clare

    For the record, I actually live in Bloomington and have for my whole life-unlike prolly about 95% of people leaving comments who are using “street view” to make their case.

    I think it’s important to note that this “witness” NEVER SAiD SHE WORKED AT SPORTS, NOR IS THERE ANY PROOF SHE DOES. It’s foolish and a waste of time to speculate that she did, is being threatened by excise, etc etc. There are at least 20 bars in the downtown Bloomington area that ALL close at 3 am. Statistically, it’s far more likely she worked at Nick’s, The Vid, Brothers or one of the 20 other bars. Assumptions are dangerous.

    1. Tony Gatto

      Did not work at sports. I can tell you that.

    2. FRH

      I live in B-town too, and this is exactly what I thought. Atlas Bar is basically across the street from Smallwood. (Maybe 9th st?) As far as excise, Kilroys Sports deserves every ticket they get!

      1. WY

        You’ve mentioned this about Atlas twice, but you must be thinking of another bar. Atlas is way south of Smallwood, about six blocks down College. It’s really nowhere near Smallwood or Sports.

        1. Tony Gatto

          Directly across from Smallwood is a huge liquor store and its parking lot — taking up the entire block. No Atlas, no bars, so please put this baby to rest.

      2. FRH

        Oh yeah its Bloomington Playwrights Project now. It used to be a bar. Sorry for the mistake!!

      3. Clueful

        Wikimapia is awesome for current street-level maps.

  31. A.

    Odds are, she kept partying with Rosenbaum. More ETOH or otherwise. Either is bad, considering her heart condition. She then possibly left and made it to the location the bar manager is indicating, and either Rosenbaum or someone else followed her or ran into her and brought her back to his place, since they could not possibly drop her off at her place. (No key card? Her condition). Doesn’t take long from there for things to go down hill with a bad heart, if they haven’t already. Now it’s around the time Rosenbaum claims she left. Either she really did walk off, and in fact got abducted, which wouldn’t be hard considering her condition and weight, or Rosenbaum and/or others called for a “pick-up”. If the latter is true, it should show on some phone record, which I am sure the police have checked by now. Hopefully.

    Statistically, stranger abductions are rare. That’s why police check friends and acquaintances first. And rightfully so.

    Did the bar manager indicate if there was a vehicle with the mysterious “sideburns” man?

    1. IU Grad

      A., I absolutely agree with what you’re saying. I’m wondering if it really was JR (not LS) who called DR, and whether DR drives a truck like the one in the surveillance photos…or, maybe it belongs to a friend of DR. Someone was riding in the front passenger seat of the truck (if you enlarge the surveillance photo showing the side view, you can see the bent elbow of someone wearing a dark-colored shirt).

  32. Linda Marshall

    Maybe he served her all the boos

  33. Linda Marshall

    Scratch taht last comment. Are there photos online of CR Mike and Jay? Can you poimt to them?

  34. ed

    Does anyone think she could have been given a date rape drug? Being “extremely inebriated,” falling down and not able to keep your eyes open sounds less like cocain and more like someone may have slipped her something.

    1. Adriano

      yeah even if she was drunk and on cocaine at the same time (which she probably was)… she wouldn’t be acting that way… unless she was wasted drunk… but this looks more like to me that those group of boys wanted to take advantage of her. KEEP IN MIND that she barely knew some of these guys. and the boyfriend was not around. they could have all raped her, then killed her. who knows, because that night probably wasn’t the first time she’s been drunk/on cocaine.

      and i CANNOT believe those idiots ruled out the white truck as a suspect. first it was “ohh the truck passed by twice” .. then they changed their story and said it only went by once. something is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

  35. scott

    pretty similar truck….

    1. FRH

      That is Bloomington Illinois

  36. Kyle


    If this report were to be true. Would that mean that everything said by Rosenbaum, etc. Were all lies. If this happened it would of occurred over an hour before she was last apparently seen.

    Also, I find the story of the male witnesses to all be sketchy. People that give exact times and a lot of details tend to be the most likely to lie. If they were all drunk (or on drugs) they probably had no clue what time she left.

    Also, early news stories said the guys said she was no longer that drunk by time they left the house. This is clearly not the case.

    Lastly, all the attention is great for finding her. But, it’s also dragging her through the mud at same time. Her alcohol related arrests for public intoxication, rumored drug use, fairly obvious signs of being unfaithful to her boyfriend. Whether true or not the attention is dragging a likely decent girl through the mud.

    Also every guy she was with that night has 1 arrests in last year for one of the following: public intoxication, disorderly conduct, or disturbing the peace. Doesn’t sound like a good group of people. More likely a bunch of guys who were all hoping to get with her, and probably scared her off to run into worse danger (unless the overdose rumor is true). And, scattering of her stuff seems like a girl on drugs more than a girl who was just drunk.

    1. Tony Gatto

      Also a call was made at 4:15am to David Rohn from Rosenbaum’s phone, according to Rohn’s attorney. Hadar Tamar claims it was Lauren who called Rohn, using Rosenbaum’s, a story which she could only have gotten from Rosenbaum. But like the turning the corner story, I don’t think Lauren was able to dial a phone or even speak on the phone if someone else dialed it. So these two suspect points come from Rosenbaum and he left town right away and has the high-priced Mike Tyson attorney.

      1. Jessa

        I’m with you Tony. Rossbaum’s staments so far are self serving and shady. All the talk of the truck etc. is far fetched. When you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras. The answer rests with someone close to Lauren. There was a case in NJ where a guy in a dorm mysteriously went down the garbage chute in his dorm and ended up in a landfill. Hope the police have checked pertinent garbage chutes. It would be easy to dump her, which is why the police haven’t found anything. Those kids aren’t brain surgeons.

      2. Myna

        Common sense tells us that if she could speak she would have left a voice mail. But no proof of this call exists, correct?

        1. Tony Gatto

          Doesn’t look like any voicemail was left. Not surprising either way. I often don’t leave voicemails. You still are kinda leaving a message these days cause you’re phone will show who called.

      3. Myna

        I think a 20 year-old female who calls because she is trying to find her own cell phone would leave a message, especially when the call back number is not her but someone else. This was not a social call, if it was made.

        [Now about that comment above . . . ]

    2. Kate

      Btw, getting public intoxication citations are a dime a dozen in Bloomington / IU for the past years. Often there are BP standing outside of dorms on weekends stopping anyone who can’t walk straight. IU is not the party school of the 80s and 90s.

  37. A.

    Right on. Mr. Gatto. Thank you for the leg work and dedication.

  38. Jill Harper

    Isn’t she only 20 and if she was in a bar and drinking won’t the establishment she was at have some liability as to what happened to her?

  39. Myna

    My head hurts thinking about this. I’m with Callie and Mike C. above. I will add that it appears Jason Rosenbaum is guilty of something, whether it’s supplying her with drugs — or kicking her to the curb into harms way — or even worse, I dunno. But he did something.

  40. A.

    I would love to know if the witness noticed what direction the stranger was heading with Lauren. And if it looked as if he parked there to do a ‘good deed’, or if it appeared that he was walking with her.

    Also, would a friend or acquaintance really ask Lauren if he can take her home. Wouldn’t it be more like: “Girl, I gonna take you home!”

  41. scott

    if you look closely in the pictures of the mysterious white pickup truck, it’s pretty apparent there’s a young lady with blonde hair with a 3/4 length sleeve in the back of the cab.

    I wonder if altering the image in photoshop could make out the words o the vehicle.

    I did some browsing on the web and saw a Joel Belander had a DUI in Bloomington back in ’08 where he crashed a very similar looking truck.

    while this whole story is sad, it’s extremely captivating and I cannot stop following it, and I love on the east coast with no ties to anyone in indy.

    1. Jessa

      Scott, this unrelated train/ car crash happened in Bloomington, ILLINOIS. Not Indiana. Stop dragging this other guy’s name into this.

  42. Ashy Knuckles

    If the girl seen by this witness at 3:38 was Lauren, that means Rosenbaum apparently had nothing to do with her disappearance. It also means that is his story about watching her walk towards home at 4:30 is a lie. Why would he lie if he wasn’t involved? It doesn’t add up.

    1. Tony Gatto

      How do you possibly deduce that Rosenbaum or anybody “had nothing to do with it” because of the 3:38am sighting?

  43. sean

    And even if someone saw her talking to a man at 3:38AM, there is still the possibility that she went back to Rosenbaum’s apt after that encounter..

  44. scott

    @Jessa it is possible for anyone to have been involved. While I’m not directly trying to drag someone else into the situation, you shouldn’t be so obtuse. With direct experience involving a friend abducted and murdered in the past, you have to be rational and think anyone can be involved. I’d also look into used car dealer ships that have sold a vehicle like the on they are describing. 4 DR pick up trucks aren’t that common. And while the police believe its a Chevy Colorado or Silverado, it could easily be a GMC Sierra like the link below.

  45. scott


    I’d look into this!

  46. Jessa

    Scott, I’m not obtuse or stupid. Your “leads” are ridiculous. You don’t hold the monopoly on knowledge regarding criminal behavior because you know a crime victim. Most of us have been touched by crime. If you want to waste your efforts going after nonsense feel free. I’ll continue to live in the real world.

  47. Former college administrator

    Where is/was Lauren’s passport? It’s obvious that she had one since they posted pics of her volunteering in Israel.

    1. Tony Gatto

      And we care about her passport, why?

    2. Clueful

      That was Habitat for Humanity. They were raising funds to build trees in Israel. I can assure you that Jimmy Carter has no such operation in Israel.

  48. Former college administrator

    She could have left the country before she was even reported missing.

  49. alliecog

    I highly doubt she fled the country…

  50. sulamar77

    I think it is a dog in the back of the truck. In paint, take photo, invert color and make it into a pencil sketch, enlarge 200% and you can see outline of a german shepard type dog laying down.

  51. alliecog

    An the habitat trip was in New Orleans. The Israel trip was through an organization called the Jewish National Fund. You raise money and then go plant trees in the KBT forest in Israel. I haven’t been on their trip but I have been to he forest.

  52. alliecog

    Sorry typos from my phone. The JNF forest… not kbt


    Were never going to find this guy and it’s because of political correctness. Why not just tell us his race, god damn it. Dark -skinned? WTF does that mean.

  54. Angie Miller

    Is there any way YOU can get a sketch and release it here for the general public to see? It is obvious to me the Police aren’t holding it as credible, or they’d release the sketch! Personally, I want to see it, and spread it around!

  55. Greg Holeman

    And why would Lauren have left the country? Actually, don’t even bother.

  56. krs

    Is it true Jesse only lived a couple of blocks from where she was last seen?

    I saw this on

    “Aaron, you and Jesse live just a couple blocks from both Smallwood and where Lauren was last seen, correct?”

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